nameless presents StealthTest

The first tool in the nameless product suite allows you to QA your NFT project within a secure, cloud-based private testing environment.

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What is StealthTest?
A safe & secure cloud-based private testing environment for Web3 development that allows you to:
  • QA your project without the risk of leaking alpha
  • Battle test smart contracts, tokens, and media as if you are live on mainnet
  • Simulate your project’s deployment without utilizing a testnet
  • Protect your brand & intellectual property before any footprint is left on a public blockchain
Why QA in StealthTest?
Streamlined Workflow

Unlimited nodes within shared development environments allows for easy simultaneous testing across your organization.

Seamless Iteration

Test the entire Web3 experience by replicating the deployment process and iterate on the fly.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Identify bugs, smart contract flaws and exploits before going live on a public blockchain.

Web3 Testing Landscape

Problem: Currently, the primary means of testing Web3 projects within a realistic blockchain experience are flawed. Whether relying on a developer's local machine, or a testnet on a public blockchain, the quality assurance process is compromised. Testnet/Mainnet gateways sacrifice privacy, while isolated/local environments sacrifice collaboration.

Solution: With StealthTest, teams now have a secure, private, and scaleable solution to fully integrate within their development lifecycle that provides comprehensive testing capabilities and project visibility not available with testnets or local environments.

Remove the whitespace in your development lifecycle
  • Easily integrate within your current Web3 toolset
  • Ethereum/Arweave/IPFS integration within your CI/CD and software development lifecycle processes
  • Shared development environments for teams across your organization
  • Scalable blockchain infrastructure within the cloud
  • Ready to use test wallets specific to your private environments
StealthTest Supports:

Coming Soon

Leverage the nameless partner program to grow your consumer base and enhance your product / service offerings

L1s & L2s

An expansion of our Web3 toolkit to include integration and support of additional popular Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.

More Tools

StealthTest is just the beginning. As the nameless product suite expands, our technology offering will continue to prioritize security, quality assurance, and compliance.

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